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From 2019, the first Sardinian sandwich shop specializing in Seafood Sandwiches, with the inimitable

Grilled Octopus Melting in the Sandwich

Forget the usual PANINIs and try our specialty

You may remember us and the Fisherman's Station:

Hi, we are Sara and Silverio! 

We started with a food truck and turned into a full-fledged fast food restaurant, bringing Panini di Mare to Sardinia first. 

With La Stazione del Pescatore, we have achieved great things and our story has caught the attention of major Italian newspapers, and we are proud to say that our sandwiches have been voted the N1 in Sardinia on Tripadvisor for 3 consecutive years.

Today we introduce you to POLPÌ

the Grilled Octopus Sandwich

We decided to change the name of our beloved venue to celebrate what has become the beating heart of our offerings: 

the Grilled Octopus Sandwich. 

At POLPÌ, we firmly believe that eating a sandwich can be a rich and memorable experience, far beyond the simple need to feed oneself quickly.

In fact, you can start with our seafood delicacies such as BOTTARGA FRYED CULURGIONES, other seafood sandwiches such as CROCCANTE TUNA or GAMBERONE, and to finish, our ARTISAN SWEETS.

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They will surely make you hungrier than words!

Quality and experience at your service

BUT why are our seafood sandwiches so special?

POLPO has always been considered "hard to cook," let alone make it so soft that it can be bitten into a sandwich!

But after dozens of trials we have and thanks to our "2 COOKING" method, we have reached the "Perfect" consistency, the octopus is so soft that it can be cut with a spoon

Freshness of Ingredients

Every component of the sandwich, from vegetables to sauces, is hand-picked and prepared by us to ensure maximum freshness and enrich flavor.

Passion for Cooking

Although on the surface making a simple sandwich seems like a no-brainer, behind Polpì's sandwiches are years of study with great chefs and a kitchen staff trained to give the best.

Without neglecting the BREAD!

A soft brioche bun that does not crumble at the first bite like traditional bread. Super digestible, made with sourdough, comes lightly toasted, served warm.

Lightness and taste

From using selected octopus to choosing artisan bread with sourdough, we strive to offer only the best, ensuring superior taste and better digestibility.

Dedication to the Sea

We have been fishermen for generations and deeply respect this subject because we understand the sacrifice behind fishing.

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Via Roma 68 OLBIA Daily Noon to 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Having reached this point

POLPÌ was created to combine the freshness and goodness of fish with the convenience of a sandwich

Together, we are committed to ensuring that every visit to POLPÌ is an experience to remember. We are here for you to offer a tasty and healthy alternative to the usual sandwiches with our inimitable Grilled Octopus Sandwich.

Attention: POLPÌ is not the usual "tourist" sandwich shop or bistro where so many times sandwiches are passed off as "Gourmet" and resold at exorbitant prices.

As you may have realized, if you have read this far, this is something completely new in fact despite the fact that the formula is "Self Service" without table service, we give all the comforts of the restaurant (Toilet, Glass goblets, Bread on request, Sauces, Condiments) FREE without any cover charge, for us to welcome customers is a pleasure!

So if you are looking for the restaurant or trattoria POLPÌ I don't know if it's for you. 

They say about us

But don't take our words for cold gold
see what customers who have tried POLPÌ's delicacies think

francesca matarazzo
francesca matarazzo
Amazing sandwiches, great prices for one of the best octopus tried in olbia. Must go back!
Nardo Usai
Nardo Usai
by chance in Olbia we wanted to try this new dining experience, in the context good food and clean place, acceptable prices and fast service, If you pass through Olbia in Via Roma 68 is a must try.....
leodj06 YT
leodj06 YT
Fantastic sandwich,I loved the fisherman's chips🔝
S. Sanna
S. Sanna
Seen on instagram by chance , Today being in Olbia I took advantage of it , TO TRY ABSOLUTELY...very good sandwiches and culurgiones ...I will absolutely return there
Federica Di Somma
Federica Di Somma
Super tasty and quality sandwich, never tried before. The owner Sara who is at the reception is super nice and friendly, ready to advise as needed. Very youthful place, "self service" since there are no waiters and environmentally conscious with recycling. A very pleasant discovery! I will definitely go back and recommend it to everyone.
loris Patella
loris Patella
I saw an advertisement on facebook and intrigued I pass by at noon to taste this special sandwich. I must compliment the idea...the food really very good, never eaten before. Very satisfied. Quality/price 👌
andrea ceccarelli
andrea ceccarelli
A wonderful experience...!!! Eating an Octopus Sandwich at Sara Lai's Polpì was just a great experience, very good food in a really cozy atmosphere. Very simple fast food type environment and service still a bit to improve but overall I was very satisfied. Worth trying again.
Do you still want to stay with your mouth watering ? or do you want to run here from POLPÍ ?


I Silverio and all the staff are waiting for you in Olbia at Via Roma 68 to try the original